The funerals and necessary documents sent from all over the world are taken from the airport and transported and buried in accordance with the requests of the owner.
In accordance with the request of the funeral owners all over the world, the funeral is prepared and all official procedures are carried out and the funeral transfer is made.

Documents prepared

  • The death certificate issued by a doctor or prosecutors organized by the receipt of the certificate of death and autopsy reports
  • Mernis receipt of death report
  • Multi-lingual receipt of death report (Formula C)
  • Embalming Report
  • Ways to permit
  • Consignment note
  • Death certificate notarized translation
  • Customs documents


Zinc coffin in compliance with international flight rules


Funeral transport vehicle suitable for cold air and road transport


Official documents are translated by certified / authorized translators and approved by the notary public apostille and the relevant consulates.


Customs procedures are carried out through customs firms with Authorized Certificates.