International Funeral Works

International Funeral Documents

Sent anywhere in the world from the airport by taking the necessary paperwork at the funeral and at the request of the owner and the burial is done transplantation.

Documents prepared

  • The death certificate issued by a doctor or prosecutors organized by the receipt of the certificate of death and autopsy reports
  • Mernis receipt of death report
  • Multi-lingual receipt of death report (Formula C)
  • Embalming Report
  • Ways to permit
  • Consignment note
  • Death certificate notarized translation
  • Customs documents

Taksim International Funeral Services,

Death is one of the most tragic emotions that can happen to us at an unexpected moment. The emotions experienced at the time of death absorb all other emotions as the person will face the most difficult situation of their lives. The emotional trauma experienced by those, who especially are in remote countries and other cities, will be very devastating. Everyone wants their deceased relative to be buried in the right way and transferred to the place where they once lived. This transfer process can be very difficult, especially for people who have not experienced the death of a relative abroad before. Moving the body back to its home or country with the most accurate way, which is via air cargo or road transport can be very difficult and it may be very exhausting especially for those who have not experienced this process before. If a relative of yours has passed away in a different city or country, it is normal not to know exactly what to do. While domestic procedures may proceed easier because you know the language spoken, the process takes on a number of very detailed procedures if the deceased relative of yours is a citizen of a different country and dies abroad.

As Taksim International Funeral Transportation Services, we provide funeral transportation services to multiple locations of the world. We provide funeral transport services all over Europe. We also provide funeral transport services in Germany. We also provide funeral services to Russia. We also assist you with your funeral transport service needs in Russia, providing you with legal and embassy documents through our sworn interpreters who speak Russian fluently. We provide funeral transport services for the citizens of Belgium, Netherlands, and the citizens of many important countries within Europe, who pass away in Turkey. In the same way, we support you in consular procedures through our sworn interpreters who speak the language of your country. We also provide full service in funeral transfers to Saudi Arabia. For foreign nationals who have entered our country as foreign nationals or tourists, it is important to declare the person who will receive the funeral when it’s transferred to their country. You can speed up the whole process by coming to Turkey to receive the body or you can carry out the process by taking the body over from the airport in your country. The important point in this process is that the documents requested from you are created in full terms to ensure that the process is complete. The procedure in Turkey is no matter which city your relative dies in, they are taken from that point and brought to Istanbul. As Taksim International Funeral Service, we conduct the correspondence with the consulate in accordance with the information you will provide and carry out the legal proceedings. Then we transfer your funeral to the airplane and deliver it to your destination. After this, taking the body and delivering it to your requested location is entirely up to you. What you need to do is complete the paperwork from your own country that you will receive the body. Once you submit these documents, we will start to prepare the body of your relative in accordance with the religion it belongs to and place it in a galvanized coffin. If demanded, we also provide special coffins. It doesn’t matter what religion the funeral belongs to. Also, the procedures necessary to prevent the body from rotting are carried out by our company and we ensure that it is protected until the procedure is finished.

In the transfer of your funeral domestically, you can use airlines or road transportation. We provide transfer services to all points of Turkey with cold storage vehicles. You can perform the embalming process of the body either accompanying it during the process or from wherever you are. You can ensure safe transport of the bod intact and with respect to death at any point that you will declare. Our company performs the preparation of the body for burial in accordance with the religion it belongs to. At the same time, we can perform different operations that are possible based on the specific information you will provide. Even if your funeral is located in Istanbul or a different city, you can arrange a transfer to any point in Turkey by contacting our company. Our company makes the necessary preparations for all religions and sects. If you want to transfer the body as easy as possible, you can choose airlines. At this point, you must fully declare the documents necessary for the air transport of your funeral to our company. You can arrange the transfer of the body by road transportation without any problems with our company’s cold storage vehicles. These vehicles are specially equipped for funeral transfers and are suitable for long-distance and varying weather conditions.

As Taksim International Funeral Transport Services, with our respect for death, friendly and fluent personnel in different languages, we serve you in your difficult days to make sure that you won’t be having any problems.