Russia Funeral Services

Sent anywhere in the world from the airport by taking the necessary paperwork at the funeral and at the request of the owner and the burial is done transplantation.

Documents prepared

  • The death certificate issued by a doctor or prosecutors organized by the receipt of the certificate of death and autopsy reports
  • Mernis receipt of death report
  • Multi-lingual receipt of death report (Formula C)
  • Embalming Report
  • Ways to permit
  • Consignment note
  • Death certificate notarized translation
  • Customs documents

Funeral Transport Service from Russia to Turkey

Death is a reality in all of us. So we don’t know where and when it could happen. Even if death is a natural process, especially when you are abroad, deaths caused by natural or different situations during your holiday, business trip or education are one of the worst events that can happen in a country where you are not a citizen. It is almost impossible for a relative of the funeral to deal with all these procedures in this process, where your relatives and the rest will be left with a difficult process. This process can be very challenging, especially in a country where you do not know the language.

In natural deaths, this process is easier to handle, while in legal cases, processes and documents grow. this whole process of skipping the funeral of a Russian citizen who had died in Turkey is very important to be sent to his hometown in the best conditions. Russia is a big country and many religions are together. At the same time Turkey is known as the country that attracts most tourists from Russia. Therefore, it is inevitable that natural or judicial deaths will be seen frequently.

If you close one died in Turkey and you do not know very much if you come to get your funeral AcAksInIzdIr our country faced legal process. In order to get through these processes easily and to avoid any more spiritual burden on your painful days, we collect all the documents on your behalf at hospitals, airports and consulates with our expert staff who know Russian as taksim international funeral services and process these documents on your behalf, in accordance with the religion of your funeral. treasure ready, embalming, protect in special coffins, cold weather vehicles, such as the point of burial to provide services. No matter what religion your funeral is in accordance with the requirements of that religion are making preparations. We protect the funeral in order to prevent the deterioration of the process. We carry out all religious stages in our special morgues. We provide services to reach the point you will determine. All our transport vehicles have cold storage. We provide meticulous transport to all geographical regions of Russia and carry out burial operations with confidence. Moreover, you never experience the difficulties of language in our country. All processes are monitored by expert teams.