Libya Funeral Services

Sent anywhere in the world from the airport by taking the necessary paperwork at the funeral and at the request of the owner and the burial is done transplantation.

Documents prepared

  • The death certificate issued by a doctor or prosecutors organized by the receipt of the certificate of death and autopsy reports
  • Mernis receipt of death report
  • Multi-lingual receipt of death report (Formula C)
  • Embalming Report
  • Ways to permit
  • Consignment note
  • Death certificate notarized translation
  • Customs documents

Funeral Transport Service from Turkey to Libya

We never know when and where the death incident will knock on our door. During a business trip, a family or a friendly visit and a touristic trip, the death of a relative or us may occur while we are far from our country. Such situations are quite troublesome processes. Because, in case of death in another country, a very long and troublesome procedure occurs in front of us. According to the reason you entered the country when death occurs, you must have a number of documents and legal procedures in order to deliver your funeral to your home country. At the same time, the inadequately known language can cause these processes to prolong and become difficult. However, the concept of time does not want to wait for the funeral.

The deceased must be transferred to his country as soon as possible and burial procedures must be carried out. For this, there are legal walls to be overcome. These legal walls have difficulty in dealing with simple people who have never met such a language before and who have no language. It will be very difficult to deal with both mourning and such documents. If you want to transport your funeral in time and easily, you are in the right place.

When a relative dies, whether you are in the country where he died or whether you are in the country of Meftas, in short, you can benefit from our services remotely or closely. If you wish to transfer all of the consular, hospital and transport documents that will be necessary during the transfer of the deceased person to Libya, you will need to give a power of attorney to come to our country and conduct it. We, as international funeral transport services, closely follow all the documents and procedures requested by our country and your country. We apply the way. As soon as the procedures are completed, we provide all transport services by preparing the funeral in a way that will not be deformed or deformed by air or by road. We ensure that all journeys to Libya’s desired city, your home and your grave are perfect and complete. We are honored to be at your side and at your service with our staff who know the language, expert and respectful in their field.