International Funeral Procedures

Death is one of the most real emotions that can happen to us unexpectedly. The emotions experienced when death occurs absorb all other emotions when faced with a difficult situation at that moment. The emotional trauma is especially traumatising for people in distant countries and other cities. Everyone wants their relatives to be buried in the most appropriate way when they die and to be transported to the place where they live. This process is a very difficult process, especially for people who have not experienced the subject before. Transporting the funeral to its hometown or country, carrying out this process by air or road in the most accurate way is a very laborious process and it is a very difficult process to deal with, especially for people who have not experienced this process before. If your relative has passed away in a different country or city, it is very normal that you do not know what to do clearly. Although the procedures within the country are easier due to the fact that you know the language, if you are a citizen of a different country outside the country, the process enters into a very detailed set of procedures.

As Taksim International Funeral Transport Services, we provide funeral transport services to many parts of the world. We have funeral transport service to all Europe. We also provide Germany funeral transport service. Apart from Europe, we also have funeral transport services to Russia. In our Russian funeral transport services, we are with you in legal and embassy documents thanks to our fluent Russian-speaking and sworn translators. Belgium funeral transport, Netherlands funeral transport, we provide funeral transport services when citizens of many important countries in Europe die in our country. Likewise, we support you in consular procedures thanks to our sworn translators who speak the language of your country well. Apart from Europe and Russia, our Arabia funeral transport service provides full thank you service. For foreign nationals who have entered our country as foreign citizens or tourists, it is important to declare the person who will receive the funeral in the country. You can accelerate the whole process by coming to your funeral or you can carry out the process by picking up the funeral from the airport from the country you are in. The important point in this process is to create the documents requested from you in order for the process to be complete. The procedure carried out in this regard is that your relative who has passed away at any point of our country is taken from that point and brought to Istanbul. It carries out the legal procedures by making the necessary correspondence with the consulate in line with the information you will provide. Then, it delivers your funeral to the plane and delivers it to the point you want. After this point, the procedures such as receiving the funeral and delivering it to the point you want belong entirely to you. What you need to do is to complete the necessary documents that you will receive the funeral from your own country. If you submit these documents, your funeral is prepared in accordance with the religion to which it belongs and placed in galvanised coffins. If desired, we also provide special coffins. It does not matter which religion he/she belongs to. At the same time, the necessary procedures to prevent the corpse from deteriorating are carried out by our company and ensure that it is protected until the procedure is completed.

Domestic Funeral Procedures

You can use land or airway for the transport of your funeral in Turkey. Cold air vehicles are available to all points in Turkey. If you wish, you can go to your funeral, or you can perform taxidermy procedures from your city. You can safely transport it to the point you will declare without deterioration and with respect for death. Our company carries out the preparation of your funeral in accordance with the religion to which your funeral belongs. At the same time, it can also perform different operations that can be realised based on the special information you provide. Even if your funeral is located in Istanbul or in a different city, you can provide transport to any point in Turkey by contacting our company. Our company makes the necessary preparations for all religions and denominations. At this point, you must declare the documents required for the transport of your funeral by air to our company in full. In land transport, you can transport it smoothly with our company’s cold air vehicles. These vehicles are specially made for funeral transports and are funeral transport vehicles suitable for long distances or variable weather conditions. As Taksim International Funeral Transport Services, we serve you in your difficult days with our respect for death, friendly, multilingual staff without any mishap.